Getting Around

Not a single traffic light.
We don’t need them on St. Kitts. We just don’t have much traffic. But we do have just about every means of transportation imaginable. For land and sea travel. Including ATVs and scooters. And our famous ferry service.


The ferry ride between St. Kitts and Nevis takes about 45 minutes and provides beautiful views of both islands. There are six ferries operating between the islands: MV Caribe Queen; MV Carib Breeze; MV Carib Surf; MV Mark Twain; MV Sea Hustler and the Sea Bridge. These vessels work together to provide service, between Basseterre and Charlestown, leaving from the Southeast Peninsula and transporting vehicles to Nevis and back.

The one-way fares are as follows: Adults: XCD $25.00 incl XCD $1 tax (USD 8.00); Children under 12 years old: XCD $15.00 (USD 4.00).

St. Kitts-Nevis Ferry Schedules can be found here.

Additional runs are sometimes scheduled after 6:00pm. For further information and schedule verification/confirmation, click here.

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