Feel St. Kitts

The sights and sounds of St. Kitts are nothing short of life changing. However, only the surface of St. Kitts can be experienced through everyday senses. Proud, pure and painstakingly protected, St. Kitts seeps into your soul with every day that passes. In fact, with every encounter with its natural treasures and its gentle people you begin to experience the island on a deeper level.

Just pull off to the side as you circle the island and feel the love that is Mama Anita’s main ingredient in her candied plantains and exotic juices, freshly squeezed and secretly seasoned in her roadside kitchen. Or feel the enthusiasm of Thurman Jones as he explains the origins of the most treasured specimens in his free-to-the-public rock museum that has happily consumed the better part of his lifetime.

Feel the joy of being nature’s steward that motivates Henry Gibbs to labor on his property day after day planting the widest array of fruit baring tropical plants on the island. Or the love of swaying palms that wakes Sam Endicott up early every morning to populate the island’s Eastern hillsides with every variety of palm known to the Caribbean.

Look into the eyes of any one of these proud St. Kitts natives and you will be looking into the very soul of this enchanted island.

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