Culture & History

In the middle of it all - The peaceful calm of St. Kitts suggests nothing of the extraordinary history of the island.  For centuries, St. Kitts occupied a critical position in the European struggle for the islands of the West Indies, which were rich with sugar plantations and were considered the gateway to the Caribbean.  As a result, the struggles and conflicts in and around St. Kitts shaped much of the history of the entire Caribbean.

Educational Opportunities

International University of Nursing

On a beautiful oceanfront property is the International University of Nursing's St. Kitts campus. Audiovisual and computer technology is integrated throughout the campus's academic facilities; including classrooms, laboratories, library, and the learning resource center. Faculty members, recruited primarily from the U.S., dedicate 100% of their time to teaching. They are there for the students, who receive their full attention. Learn more

International University of the Health Sciences

The International University of the Health Sciences School of Medicine offers study programs leading to the award of internationally licensable medical qualifications. The University is chartered and its programs accredited by the governments of St Kitts and Nevis. Medical degrees awarded by IUHS are recognized by the World Health Organization and are listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools. IUHS graduates may seek professional licensure in most jurisdictions worldwide, including USA, Canada, UK, India, and Australia. Learn more

Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine

Ross University is a leader in international medical education. Since 1978, more than 6,000 students have obtained their M.D. and D.V.M degrees from Ross. If you are serious about becoming a doctor, the professors at Ross University can help you realize your dream. Learn more

Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College

The Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College serves the needs of a wide cross-section of the post-secondary and adult population. It seeks to respond positively to the needs of its student body and is committed to the development of responsible citizens who are ready to contribute to the development of their country. The college was established in 1988, under the name College of Further Education and was mandated to consolidate and augment the opportunities for tertiary level education. Clarence Fitzroy Bryant came into existence with the amalgamation of four previously existing institutions: the School of Nursing inaugurated in 1966; the Teacher's College established in 1967; the Technical College organized in 1971; and the Sixth Form.