Culture & History

In the middle of it all - The peaceful calm of St. Kitts suggests nothing of the extraordinary history of the island.  For centuries, St. Kitts occupied a critical position in the European struggle for the islands of the West Indies, which were rich with sugar plantations and were considered the gateway to the Caribbean.  As a result, the struggles and conflicts in and around St. Kitts shaped much of the history of the entire Caribbean.

Meet the People

A proud and progressive people

What all people of St. Kitts have in common is pride – in themselves, in each other, and in their island. Truly St. Kitts is a place of brotherhood and mutual respect, blessed with an abundance of natural treasures, and not a single traffic light. Here we are all brothers and sisters, intent on preserving the beauty of our land. And every citizen can apply for a piece of that land, as well as a home to raise their family in.