Remember St. Kitts

No matter how many years pass before you return, you’ll never forget why the Arawak Indians used their word for fertile, Liamuia, to name the 3,600 ft. misty mountain that is the centerpiece of St. Kitts. It stands majestically above the ever-expanding rainforests that spread like great green canopies where sugar cane was once cultivated.

This is truly an island of sweet memories. With little traffic and not a single traffic light. With roaming black belly sheep that shed their own wool. With an overabundance of clear, clean spring water that is drawn up from deep within the earth. And unforgettable sunsets, and rainbows that appear out of nowhere.

But the enchanting scents of the island will be your most vivid connection to your time spent here. The aromas of fresh baked raisin bread and sizzling barbeque. The smell of a massive beachfront bond fire. The memory of lost loved ones brought to life by the sweet smell of wild flowers that are said to hold the spirit of beloved family members.

Once called the Gibraltar of the West Indies for its domination of 18th century battles, St. Kitts so honors its past with careful restoration that the UN has designated Fort Brimstone a World Heritage Site, and it is a living museum of historical exploration.

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